if it's on blueridgedebate it's 100% Guaranteed to be fake news and lies.
No evidence was ever provided.

I'm beginning to think being crazy is a requirement to be a politician. It's almost like a game to them. Let's use AOC saying we need to get rid of cows because they fart so people say that's the Stupidest thing I've ever heard. And along comes MTG who says hold my 🍺 now Botox Nancy Pelosi will fear her award of saying the Stupidest shit that she's won like 30 years in a row is in jeopardy and will come up with an award winner you know like with Obama care where she said we have to pass the bill before we can see what's in it.
I often wonder if politicians have a secret awards party each year for who came up with the Stupidest shit award..

As predicted, Roadkill could not back up his claims and ran away from the topic.


See I told you it was a Racist Russian troll farm. I also been told only low IQ Gay sissy men are allowed there so I guess that explains why you believe all the lies posted at that Anti American SHITHOLE 

Roadrunner was asked to provide a single example from thousands and thousands of posts of a lie.   He was unable to provide an answer and said:
"F.o.c.u.s do you own homework troll"


Reply #30 ROADRUNNER said: 
You're a Lying Russian troll
Asked for evidence of a lie, ROADRUNNER was unable to provide any.